How to submit work

Papers should be submitted by e-mail in the form of attached files or archives, addressed to Andrey Fionov, Editor,, work phone +7 383 269-83-46.

The paper should contain a title, list of authors, abstract and main text typically structured as introduction – internal sections – references. The text of the introduction should present material in the form understandable by the reader who has only a general knowledge in the corresponding field. The details of the work which require special knowledge in the field, should be placed in internal sections.

It is necessary to indicate a communicating author with whom the editor will interact on the stages of review and preparation of work providing all essential contact information. If not indicated explicitly, the first author is considered as communicating one.

Upon the receipt of positive reviews the authors will be asked to make a camera ready copy of their paper in MS Word or LaTeX2e in accordance with the author's instructions.

Finally, it will be necessary to provide the following additional information about authors: full names, academic degrees and ranks, organization, position, working address, telephone, e-mail.

Publication in Vestnik is free of charge fro all authors.

The Review Process for Papers Submitted to Vestnik SibGUTI