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Номер журнала: 2018.3

Заголовок статьи: Cayley graphs spectra and diameters of some finite groups


The problem of finding integral Cayley graphs for alternating groups An, where n=4,5,6,7,8, with different generating sets is considered and also the hypothesis of the integrality of Cayley graphs of finite group generated with an invariant set of involutions is tested. The hypothesis is tested for Dihedral groups D2n with n=6,7,...,132, linear groups L2(n) with n=5,7,8,9,11,13, and symmetric groups Sn with n=3,4,5,6. The diameters of Cayley graphs for these groups are presented.


A. Ovcharenko

Ключевые слова

generating set, involution, spectrum, Cayley graph, alternating group, dihedral group, linear group, symmetric group, diameter

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