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Номер журнала: 2018.3

Заголовок статьи: Airborne multifunctional radar with a conformal antenna system for short-range UAVs


The development and implementation of multi-band conformal antenna systems (CAS) into small and medium range UAVs have been considered. The dual-band (Ku, UHF) multifunctional airborne radar complex (MARC) is used as an example. The considered CASs do not degrade the aerodynamic characteristics of the UAVs. They allow to expand significantly MARC functional capabilities and to solve defensive and national economic tasks. A methodology for creating MARC conformal antenna systems for such UAVs has been developed. The use of conformal antennas with substrates from metamaterials is one of the ways of implementing these CASs.


E. Il’in, A. Polubehin, Yu. Krivov, A. Krenev, A. Cherevko

Ключевые слова

multifunctional airborne radar complex, small and medium range UAVs, conformal antenna systems, metamaterials

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