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Номер журнала: 2019.1

Заголовок статьи: Models of optical access network elements in the conditions of redundancy and accounting of unreliable control of their technical condition


The paper presents functioning models in continuous time of optical elements of a passive optical access network. Several options are being considered: without reservation, with reservation 1:1 and with reservation 1+1. Covert failures are considered to be the reason for the malfunction of the elements. The models take into account technical condition checks of the main and backup elements and the recovery of working capacity after a failure detection. Based on the limiting probabilities of the states, the stationary availability factor and the technical utilization factor were calculated taking into account control errors of I and II type.


B. P. Zelentsov, E. P. Ionikov, V. P. Shuvalov

Ключевые слова

passive optical network, optical linear terminal, trunk cable, splitter, steady state availability, latent fault, check out errors of the first and second kind, non-linearity of the reflectometer scale.