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Номер журнала: 2019.1

Заголовок статьи: Study on the role of self-assessment of learning outcomes in developing entrepreneurial competences of SibSUTIS students


The article describes the approach of the European educational project ERASMUS + RE-BUS in which the course «Digital Entrepreneurship» is developed and taught at SibSUTIS. According to the opinion of the authors student training in the learning environment Mahara with the use of such tools as Moodle and LEVEL5 intensifies the cognitive activity, facilitates the acquisition of knowledge as well as allows students to self-monitor their learning progress and assess their level of competence development. The authors of the article consider that the approach of the European educational project ERASMUS + REBUS ena-bles students to effectively form new competences. Nevertheless, the authors note the weaknesses of this approach, in particular, a disparity between students’ self-assessment and a real level of competence development.


D. Kaznacheev, B. Kruk, E. Meteleva, S. Plakidina

Ключевые слова

competence model, «learning»-based paradigm, additional professional education, learning environment, self-assessment.