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Номер журнала: 2019.3

Заголовок статьи: Methods for detecting and highlighting areas in textural images


The article deals with methods for analyzing textural images. Micrographs of plant materials obtained by the transmission electron microscopy are considered. This work was carried out for the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry SB RAS. The main goal of the research is the development and implementation of algorithms allowing us to detect and highlight areas of interest to chemists in the image. For example, areas, in which the initial structure of the material is disordered after applying various mechano-chemical methods of processing. To solve this problem, we use: analysis of textural features, clustering, R/S-analysis, orthogonal transformations, wavelet analysis. Much attention was paid to the development of software tools that allow us to select features describing textural differences in order to segment textural regions into subregions. So, the question of the applicability of sets of textural features and other parameters for the analysis of experimental data is being investigated in order to identify characteristic areas in microphotographs that can be associated in future with the porosity, chemical reactivity, etc.


G. B. Abdikerimova, A. L. Bychkov, Wei Xinyu, F. A. Murzin, N. E. Russkikh,
E. I. Ryabchikova, S. S. Khayrulin

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image processing, microphotographs, textural features, clustering, R/S-analysis, orthogonal transformations, electron microscopy, plant materials

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