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Номер журнала: 2019.3

Заголовок статьи: Temporal and spatial concepts in natural language texts and their investigation


The aim of the work is to create a knowledge base containing information on temporal and spatial concepts found in natural language texts. The content of the base: the most important concepts related to time and space, from the S. I. Ozhegov explanatory dictionary; rephrased sentences; the results of the analysis of vocabulary articles (interpretations) and examples from a literature by means of Link Grammar Parser and DIALING software systems, etc. Results of the work can be used in intelligent information retrieval systems. The diagrams obtained at the output of Link Grammar Parser and DIALING systems are extremely interesting material for further research. It is advisable to investigate the possibility of using a number of constructions and concepts of mathematical logic in computer lin-guistics, such as: the construction of L. Henkin, realizability and omitting of types, model completeness, forcing, as well as a number of non-classical logics.


T. V. Batura, L. V. Efimova, A. S. Yerimbetova, A. B. Kasekeeva, F. A. Murzin

Ключевые слова

computational linguistics, semantics, temporal and spatial concepts, Link Grammar Parser, DIALING

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