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Номер журнала: 2019.3

Заголовок статьи: The integrated approach to text lexical characteristics study


The integrated approach and software environment for multi-aspect study of the text lexical characteristics are considered. This work is at the junction of corpus linguistics and lexicographical research. The basis of the research is the corpus of text and the problem-oriented dictionary. The proposed environment for supporting the researcher provides tools and interfaces for developing vocabularies and a system of domain features, terms markup, automatic generation of lexical content and accumulation of statistical information, etc. To extract terms the morphological analysis and the construction of phrases based on the rules of matching the grammatical characteristics of words are carried out. To study the contexts of the terms use, concordance construction tools are provided. Concordances allow the researcher to test his or her hypothesis about the functionality of a particular lexical unit. The considered environment allows to solve various text analysis tasks because it integrates various tools for conducting language research and supports customization of vocabularies to a problem area.


Е. Sidorova

Ключевые слова

terminology, domain vocabulary, corpora, concordance

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