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Номер журнала: 2019.4

Заголовок статьи: Semi-fragile digital watermarks based on Fourier spectrum


Digital watermarks are used for detection unauthorized edition of executable files by malicious programs. A property called “fragile” provides its distortion after minor changes in a program. The watermark presence and correctness controlled by endpoint user, which is obviously interested in software integrity. Semi-fragile DWM distorts when changing the program more than the set threshold. According to proposed method a program is considered as a container with digital signal that can be recovered from its samples (program commands). Any changes in the program code inevitably change the signal spectrum. During the analysis of modified program it was founded some distortion of the original signal: changing phases and amplitudes of some harmonics. The proposed approach allows to reveal not only the fact of modification, but also an amount of added code.


I. V. Nechta

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fragile digital watermarks, steganography, Fourier spectrum

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