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Номер журнала: 2020.3

Заголовок статьи: On the applicability of interference in cellular networks to create a secure communication channel


The most dynamically developing area of telecommunications today is cellular communication of various standards. Cellular systems are changing at a high speed; equipment manufacturers have entered the technology race. In this article, the way of creation of the protected broadband channel of cellular communication from unauthorized access in the conditions of real time and the modern city is considered. Due to the large number of GSM subscriber devices sold annually to the population, there is a need to protect the communication channel at short distances (in an office, store, warehouses, etc.) from accidental interference or targeted electronic warfare and industrial espionage. A cheap and effective way is to create a secure communication channel by introducing a white noise generator together with a filter that allocates the necessary frequency for a range of heuristic criteria for solving real problems. The main feature of this device is that the generation of white noise will occur exclusively in the territory, without harmful interference to the population.


K. N. Zotov, R. R. Zhdanov

Ключевые слова

generator, white noise, optimal filtration, secure cellular communication channel, industrial espionage

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