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Номер журнала: 2020.4

Заголовок статьи: Reliability model of a fiber-optic communication line with unreliable predictive control


To calculate the reliability of a fiber-optic communication line (FOL), a Markov model is proposed taking into account various effects on the reliability of sudden and gradual fail-ures as well as control type 2 errors. Formulas are obtained for calculating the coefficients of unavailability in predictive control regarding gradual and sudden failures in the case of control type 2 errors. The influence and the choice of the criterion for the transition of FOL to the pre-fault state on the reliability of FOL is evaluated.


V. P. Shuvalov, B. P. Zelentsov, I. G. Kvitkova

Ключевые слова

the object of technical operation, predictive strategy for the operation of FOL, pre-fault state, monitoring system, second-type control error, sudden and gradual failures

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