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Номер журнала: 2021.2

Заголовок статьи: Algorithms for generating and receiving data from the 5G networks PBCH channel


New radio is a 5G mobile networks that are being rapidly deployed in commercial operation all over the world. In the framework of this paper, the issues related to the software development of 5G broadcast PBCH channel for generating and receiving data are considered. The PBCH data reliability is also estimated demonstrating the dependency between PBCH block error rate and the number of incorrectly received bits. Algorithms of open 3GPP 38.212 specification are used to form the channel, and non-standardized algorithms are developed for receiving data.


V. Drozdova, D. Zavyalova

Ключевые слова

5G, NR, New Radio, PBCH, BLER, broadcast channel.