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Номер журнала: 2018.3

Заголовок статьи: Assessment of the informatization appropriateness of rural areas in the digital economy


The study is devoted to the problem of informatization development in rural regions. The basis of development is the organization of information structure on the basis of telecommunication services. Substantiations of the development of services in accordance with the income of the population are carried out. The existing methodologies for estimating telecommunication development are correlated with averaged values without the population income distribution, without separating business needs of services in rural areas and the city. Comparison of information base development levels is made according to the criterion «the share of services in the average per capita population income». The expediency of informatization development in rural areas for specific economic conditions considering the average per capita income of rural residents is defined. Directions of the application field of financial efforts for the development of the information base of rural areas in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The materials of the study allow to determine appropriateness and level of investment in the regions.


A. I. Itsixon

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informatization of rural areas, digital economy of the region, telecommunication services to the population, per capita income

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